Based on technology and supported by service

With the historical mission of bring bricks and tiles for the ‘China wisely made’. We would abide by the spirit of scientific research and the needs of our country as well as the people.
With the positive attitude of forging ahead and pioneering, we strive to leave a chapter of Z & H in the history of semiconductor equipment in the intelligent manufacturing industry.

The localized equipment for major equipment before and after lithography [gluing and developing].



  • Refurbishing & Remanufacture
  • Technical Service
  • Installation & Set-up
  • Calibration or Re-calibration
  • Parts Replacement
  • Coat & Dev Modify and Upgrade
  • Wafer Size Conversion
  • M/A, CS Arm Overhaul
  • WEE Lamphouse OH
  • CP, HP Overhaul
  • Heater Exchange OH
  • T&H, Monitor OH

Repair & Maintenance for parts

Repair / Remanufacturing

Main Arm ,C/S Arm ,WEE ,THERMO-CON ,Temp CTL , ACU, DC Power, T&H , Spin Motor & Driver , CP Unity etc.

Repair & Maintenance for parts


Robot Overhaul

  • Application System : TEL Unity2e
  • Maker : Yaskawa Electric
  • Controller Model : SRC- Ⅰ or SRC-Ⅱ
  • Robot Type : VS2A or VS2B/VS2C/VS2E
  • Pre-Aligner Type : V0SJ, V0SH

Stable Transfer → Increase Up-time

Gap ass’y Overhaul

  • Application : SCCM, DRM, IEM, PE chamber
  • Chain change
  • Bearing Change
  • Balance Calibration

Transformation and Upgrading

Vacuum Arm

Mechanical arms

  • Main arm modify to vacuum arm, centering accurate transmit.
  • ETCInclude Tel Scurrber tool main arm modify.


Operation panel

  • PDP is easilybroken.
  • Improve clarity, operation more convenient for user.

External Sensor


  • The internal sensor of chemical buffer tank ageing frequently and scrapping occurs.
  • The external sensor of buffer tank does not need to contact the chemicals, which avoids corrosion and causes the machine not to be scrapped.
  • The chemical level (LL, L, H, HH) of buffer tank is easy to adjust and saves time.

Transformation and Upgrading



  • Application System :TEL Telius
  • Maker : Nabtesco
  • Type : 2L80-0001555-XX
  • Stable Transfer → Increase Up-time


  • Application System : TEL TELIUS
  • Description : LLM Arm Assembly
  • Stable Transfer → Increase Up-time


  • accessory
    Leak Sensor
  • accessory
    Silicon carbide precision material processing devices
  • accessory
    HDIW Supply System
  • accessory
    Pipeline Sealing Cap