President Oration

Jin Hao Tian the founder and president of Z & H

Nowadays, the development of China is leading in the world economic development with an unprecedented attitude. We are facing challenges, but more opportunities. Development is an unstoppable step in the rise. It will not be possible to change from “made in China” to “China wisely made” simply.

Z & H focuses on the field of semiconductor chip manufacturing equipment. After over a decade of customer accumulation and dedicated research and development, it has made rapid progress in self-developed gluing and developing equipment. The self-developed equipment has been successfully verified by customers and sold in marketplace. In the future, more matured technologies abroad such as oxidation furnace, cleaning machine and degumming equipment will be introduced to develop and manufacture our own equipment, striving to contribute more to the localization of chip manufacturing equipment.

Whether it was involved in the semiconductor field through the sales of second-hand equipment in the early stage, or now focusing on self-developed equipment development and second-hand equipment renovation services, Z & H team takes “treating people with integrity” as the foundation of the company. The extension of integrity is very broad, including treating people with integrity, serving customers and helping customers. It also includes Z & H’s team and Z & H’s products and services, which are of excellent quality and live up to the trust of customers. Only in this way we can accumulate good customer reputation in the relatively closed equipment field.

If we want to compete with giants, we are not afraid of the bumpy road ahead. The road of scientific research and technological innovation has never been easy, but we are determined to contribute to “China wisely made” and have the ingenuity of careful research. With concerted efforts, great achievements can be achieved and the future should be expected!