The mission of Z & H

“ Leading manufacturer of semiconductor chip domestic equipment ”

Currently, the world is experiencing a century of changes, improving the self-dependent innovative capability of the enterprise would be the only way to push the high-quality development for the society in terms of economy. Chairman Xi Jinping emphasized that enterprise is the main body of innovation as well as the new force to push innovation and creation. Since its inception, Z & H has taken its own road of innovation, with the spirit of hard work and persistence, Z & H people have overcome the barriers of core technology day and night fearlessly.

Growing together with the clients is the cornerstone of winning the future. With the spirit of serving, giving priority to the needs of market and considering the concerns of clients, Z & H has received the affirmation of clients continuously, given back to the clients with a more positive attitude and lived up to their trust. Joining hands would allow us to create the future together.

The vision of Z & H

Committed to solutions for gluing and developing equipment

While introducing overseas matured technology products including degumming equipment, high-temperature diffusion furnace, single-chip rotary cleaning equipment, etc., the R & D of domestic equipment of major equipment [gluing and developing] before and after the lithography process is carried out simultaneously, so as to satisfy the needs of clients with high-quality service, form continuous updates with self-dependent innovative technology, thus to realize the growth in both, technology and business, furthermore to be part of the leading echelons of semiconductor chip manufacturing equipment in the industry which met the international standards.

The values of Z & H

Placing the needs of clients as the top priority as always, be persistent in sincere cooperation with partners and providing the clients with high-quality service with timely response, feedback and follow-up. Offering clients with high-quality manufacturing equipment to further assist the clients in optimizing productive efficiency, thus to realize the win-win cooperation. The company is people-oriented, paying concerns to the physical and psychological health of employees, providing a decent and comfortable working environment, improving the employees’ work enthusiasm and bringing the togetherness of all the employees in the company. During the development of the company, we would never forget our original intention, giving back to the society actively by maintaining a positive interaction with the local communities and offering assistance to the groups in need.

Satisfying the demands of clients via high-quality service
Improving the efficiency of clients via high-quality equipment
Optimizing the operation of employees via comfortable environment
Requiting to community care via positive charity