Single wafer Scrubber clean tool

ZHS-200, 6-inch,8-inch and 12-inch equipment

ZHS-200 R&D by ZHONG HONG, 200mm wafer frontside backside and wafer edge scrubber, effective removal of particle. Widely used in semiconductor, compound Filter and MEMS etc.

Product advantages:

  1. High throughput, WPH can up to 380
  2. Nano/brush/Jet etc. different clean mode for customer select
  3. Class10 environment and ESD eliminate system
  4. Offer different design for customer special request
  5. CCTV camera installed in process unit and transfer area
  6. New version operation system and multi function of software
Compound Semiconductor

Process capacity: > 0.18um
Products: Gallium Arsenide (GaAs),
Gallium Nitride (GaN),
Silicon Carbide (SiC), Filter (Filter)


Process capacity: > 0.18um
Product: MEMS

Silicon-based Semiconductor

Process capacity: > 90nm
Products: IGBT, CMOS, MPU, MCU,
DSP, RAM, ROM, Flash