Metal Lift-off


ZHL-200 R&D by ZHONG HONG, wafer through soak station, high pressure spray unit and SRD unit photoresist can effectively removed. Widely used in compound semiconductor Filter and MEMS metal lift-off process.

Product advantages:

  1. Support Com150mm&200mm inch product
  2. Class10 environment and ESD eliminate system
  3. Stream/ HPC fan/HPC needle/Nano etc. for customer select
  4. Chemical recycle system and metal collection system
  5. Pump pressure up to 4000psi, effectively reduce process time
  6. CCTV camera installed in process unit and transfer area
  7. Offer different design for customer special request

Quantity and size of product particles and metal residues


Pressure, temperature, speed of arm swing and other process parameters are set according to the program


Recycling of pharmaceutical industry and metals